It is a safe bet that an English Pointer is going to help you bag more birds than a Pekingese.  The Pointer has the right pedigree and training to work with you to successfully complete the task at hand.

The same principle applies when you’re selecting a land and timber agent.  Your representative should be able to navigate the landscape, identify the signs, and point you in the right direction.

Land Seller Representation

We’ll analyze every detail of your property, and then market it through our extensive network of agents and buyers.

Land Buyer Representation

If you are looking for land, save time and money by hiring an expert to locate suitable prospects and guide you through the process.  We’ll sort the wheat from the chaff, and make sure you avoid costly pitfalls.

Forestry Services

We have a registered forester (NC & SC) on staff that can assist you with all of your timber management, appraisal, and sales needs.